Let’s Make a Deal

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

We have all been there. A week till Christmas and all you need to do is grab a few more presents. You and your little bundle of joy set out to the local Target or toy store to grab that perfect gift for sweet Aunt Josephine. It is four in the afternoon and you are hoping to get home in time to put dinner on the table. All has been going well.

Then it happens.

“Mom, can I have the candy bar? The Barbie? The Transformer?”

“Not today, dear.”

“But, Moooommm, why not?”

You proceed to try and reason with the little tyrant.

The more you say no the more the tyrant’s true colors come out. Before you know it, the kid is kicking and screaming on the floor, throwing objects. The judgmental stares start and the humiliation has begun. You have two choices: give in and give up or hold your ground. What is a parent to do?

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