“Find something worth dying for and go live for it.” – Rev. W. Shannon Black

Hi, I’m Andria. Previously a non-profit marketer, I am a full-time mother, editor, and freelance writer. I spend most of my time with my kid and husband over at the beach or exploring our community, but this page is for sharing my writing and my love of kids, special needs, and creating a community for parents in all life’s circumstances, and sharing my favorites with you!

As a military special needs family, we know the importance of organization, health, and wellness. As a lifestyle coach, I know the importance of accountability and resources.

This is a place you can go to just to be honest about yourself and life.  Learn about health, school systems, therapies, parenting, and so much more. We will focus on motivating, inspiring, and encouraging each other to be the best we can be.

With a focus on healthy living, education, and enjoying life, I hope this is a place where you can be lifted to greater heights.  Through motivation, we are given the tools to innovate for good in the hopes of better relating to our family, friends, coworkers, and those all around us.  Here is to being the change we wish to see and becoming the leaders we were born to be.